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The Water Miracle at Heui Hia

Here's a story from our Field Workers in Thailand, Erik and Mariaana Klar:


The Promise

In 1992, as we were preparing for full-time missionary service in Thailand, a word of prophesy was spoken over us in Cleveland, Brisbane by Pastor Glen Gray. He told us that he saw mountain tops on fire. He also saw Erik standing in a village, at a place of water source, which had dried up. Erik lifts his hands toward heavens and asks God for a miracle. God will grant that request and water will gush out of the dry ground. When this water miracle happens, it will be a sign that it is time for revival! The pastor concluded by saying that he saw the waters flowing down the mountain sides into the valleys and into the cities.

Our Vision with many years behind him as a tradesman and a builder, Erik’s passion had become the mentoring and empowering of young people. Responding to God’s Call to serve Him in Thailand (Feb 1993), Erik knew that the Lord would use him to go with a team into villages “to do good, just like Jesus did”. This team, the New Life Development Team , was born during our years in central Thailand (1995 – 2000), where the Lord allowed some painful refining fires to work in our lives. Building and mentoring a strong, Holy Spirit led team, became our passion!

Together with the team, we began to work in the villages with the purpose of facilitating transformation of individual lives and entire communities. From our perspective, potentially, the whole community WAS the church! This has become a reality in many communities, where even the witchdoctors have changed their allegiance from the demonic powers to the One, who holds all power in His hands, Jesus Christ! Miracles like this continue to unfold!

How we work

In many of the mountain villages, the lack of water is a real problem.

In the earlier years, Erik would ask God when and where that promised water miracle would take place. It seemed that the Lord just wanted him to use his practical skills to empower the communities to discover solutions to their felt needs. We would do this by first building relationship and acceptance in communities, and then at the communities’ invitation, link up with them to find feasible and sustainable solutions to their problems.

In many mountain villages, basins to gather rain water, pipes to carry it into the villages and tanks to contain the water were erected. Proper sanitary and bathing facilities were built. The value of clean water for health was taught to the people in these remote places.

We still do all this to this very day! Hearts have and continue to open up to the Truth about the Living Water, which Jesus Himself revealed to the Samaritan woman at the well. Over the years, we have experienced powerful visitations of the Holy Spirit in these villages. Healings are not uncommon amongst people, who know that the unseen world is very real. Once they come to Jesus, they also expect miracles to happen!

Hangdong – linking up with all the levels of the communities

In the year 2003, God told Erik to get up at 3am every morning to pray at Doi Suthep, the mountain overlooking the city of Chiangmai. On one such occasion, the Lord told Erik to look at the city lights and challenged him about the multitudes of lost Thai people, represented by each one of those specs of light. God then spoke to Erik about starting a work in Hangdong, a 70,000 people strong district at the outskirts of the northern capital of Chiangmai.

With a serious commitment to seeking the heart of God, we began building relationship with the people of Hangdong. Without us contacting anyone, the Lord started sending new recruits into our team, mostly people we had mentored over the years and who now felt prompted to join us again! Doors began to open and before long, we found ourselves linking up with the large AIDS community, the hospital, schools and government offices of Hangdong. We were also receiving young people from other places, who wanted to train with us. Suddenly, we realized that God was taking us to a new level of empowering people, which would result in a release of large numbers of laborers into the Harvest!

The 4-story double shop front building we were renting in the center of Hangdong was becoming very crammed for us! We were already renting space at a run- down local Hotel /Resort Complex, called Sainammin.

The Miracle of water in Huei Hia

In the beginning of 2007, on one of his mountain trips with the team, Erik found himself standing by a dried up water basin that was about 15 minutes walk from the remote village of Huei Hia. We had been in prayer battle for this community and still continued to experience significant resistance from its elders.

That day, Erik was told that the village was in severe need of water! Curiously enough, the Thai government had already built the structures to provide water for the village. The basin at the water source had been dug, the pipes and the water tanks were in place. Yet, apart from the rainy season, there was no water! An older man, who had watched the witchdoctors unsuccessfully try to make the ground yield water, now waited for Erik and his team to come up with an answer.

Erik looked at the dry basin and the pipes running to the empty tanks and shook his head. It was the middle of the dry season, which would still continue for some months to come. He began walking away from the place, when suddenly he felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit inside him, “Why don’t you ask God NOW?” He turned back to the basin, told the team to join him in prayer to the Living God and lifted his hands up. At that point, he had already forgotten about the promise given nearly 15 years before.

Has God promised you something that just doesn’t seem to come to pass and you then forget it? This had happened to Erik!

Erik and the team prayed while the old man watched them. Nothing visible happened right then. They said their goodbyes and returned to Hangdong. As amazing as it is, even the most remote and primitive villages of Thailand have at least one modern wonder of technology – the mobile phone!

Not long after Erik and the team had left, a call came from Huei Hia! “Achan Erik, you won’t believe it! The water tanks are overflowing with water! There has been absolutely no rain, but the tanks are overflowing!” At that moment Erik’s heart shook. He remembered the promise of so many years ago, “When the water miracle happens, it will be a sign that it is time for revival!”

We have also discovered that the river Chaophraya, which runs from the north through to the capital city of Bangkok, is sourced in the north. One of those source places is in the very district where Huei Hia is located! That district as a whole has experienced by far the strongest move of the Holy Spirit in the recent years, which is only strengthening in its momentum! The other two source places are Chiangdao, where the fire of God is burning amongst the tribal people. The third source place is in Nan, where we have seen an entire community turning to Christ. In another community in Nan mountains, an old woman, who did not know God, saw a vision of light piercing the darkness and a ripe harvest field waiting for workers. She became the first of the many believers in her village!

The streams of water down the mountain sides – training in Hangdong

Suddenly, we understood why Hangdong was so important! Coming from the mountains, where the fire of God is burning and where the water miracle took place, Hangdong is the gateway into the capital of the North! The water streaming down from the mountains, are the people that God will use to carry His glory to the Thai people! These mountain youth have poor command of Thai language and culture, they have grown up “wild” with little understanding of the disciplines required to function in a more developed world. They are the minority people of the country, whom the main population does not esteem much. God had already begun to send young people to train with us and many more wanted to come.

Hotel Sainammin as a training centre for the laborers in the Harvest

In 2008 April another miracle took place! After lengthy negotiations with the representatives of Sainammin, we were able to secure a rental agreement, which gave us full use of the entire hotel/resort complex!

The 13 acre property is now our base, where our team and the increasing number of trainees run the hotel, a community swimming pool, a restaurant, etc, learning many practical life skills and how to reach the communities for Jesus Christ!

Time is spent in deepening the knowledge of the Word and most importantly in knowing Him! The work on the mountains and in the city of Hangdong continues and we know that this is only the beginning of what is to come!


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